What is a milk cooling tank?

In dairy farming a bulk milk cooling tank is a large storage tank for cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature until it can be picked up by a milk hauler. The bulk milk cooling tank is an important piece of dairy farm equipment. It is usually made of stainless steel and used every day to store the raw milk on the farm in good condition. It must be cleaned after each milk collection. The milk cooling tank can be the property of the farmer or be rented from a dairy plant.


Raw milk producers have a choice of either open (from 150 to 3000 litres) or closed (from 1000 to 10000 litres) tanks. The cost can vary considerably, depending on manufacturing norms and whether a new or second hand tank is purchased.

Milk silos (10,000 litres and plus) are suitable for the very large producer. These are designed to be installed outside and adjacent to the dairy, all controls and the milk outlet pipe being situated in the dairy.